Firmness of Rock

  — Chapter 1

  Radiance of Moon

  — Chapter 1

  The Prayer


Synopsis - Radiance of Moon

Lucy writes a letter to her brother, telling him that she's worried about their parents - they seem to be having trouble with their marriage. Her father is coming home later and later from work and her mother seems to be seeking solace in religion. Her friends try to help, but Lucy finds a real friend in an unlikely place - Mcgee. The crisis comes to a head one night when Lucy asks her parents if she can visit her brother in prison for the first time, an idea her father favors but to which her mother is vehemently opposed.

As Lucy tries to deal with her family's problems, Mayv, Alana, and Michelle get embroiled in a disturbing rash of graffiti that keeps showing up in their school. The race-based graffiti targets the town's new police chief, the first black chief in the state. Worse, the group responsible for the graffiti sends a threatening message to one of the girls' classmates, leading to a school assembly where one member of the group reveals himself to the entire school, and to TV cameras, and leads the police on a foot chase through the town.

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