Firmness of Rock

  — Chapter 1

  Radiance of Moon

  — Chapter 1

  The Prayer


Synopsis - Firmness of Rock

Alana isn't feeling well and reports to the nurse's office, where she takes a short nap. When she wakes up, she's surprised to hear another student in the office, telling the nurse that she's been "high all day." Even more shocking, the nurse seems to tell the student to be careful because she's taking a powerful drug.

Alana can't see who the student is, but she does get a few clues, and enlists her friends Lucy and Mayv to help her find out who this girl is. Lucy is especially keen on discovering her identity, because her brother Keith was recently sent to jail for causing an accident that killed someone while he was driving under the influence.

Through some detective work, and the help of Alana's little sister Melinda, they find out who the girl is. Soon, however, they are shocked to learn that the "drug girl" is not using illegal drugs after all. Michelle, in fact, has a very good reason for what she said in the nurse's office, and she is happy to inform the three friends about why.

Alana and Michelle both try out for and make it onto the basketball team, and at the first home game, Alana is able to quickly help Michelle when she has a medical emergency.

Meanwhile, Mcgee is exhibiting strange and disruptive behavior in class, and Sabine confides to the girls that she is worried about her friend. The girls are wary about helping Mcgee, the class snob who doesn't normally give the girls the time of day, but they eventually decide to help however they can.

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