Firmness of Rock

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  Radiance of Moon

  — Chapter 1

  The Prayer


The Firmness of Rock Series

The Firmness of Rock series is written for young women aged eleven to fifteen. The series focuses on four girls, their families, and their schoolmates.

Spoiler alert: Some of the information on this site gives away major plot points in the series. If you don't want to know, be careful what you read!

The Books

Wordle: Firmness of Rock Wordle: Radiance of Moon
Firmness of Rock Radiance of Moon
  1. Firmness of Rock
  2. Radiance of Moon
  3. Depth of Sea - under development

The People

The main characters:

  • Alana Pope
  • Mayv Duffy
  • Lucy Silva
  • Michelle Greene

The Popes:

  • Tony Pope - Alana's father
  • Donna Pope - Alana's mother
  • Melinda Pope - Alana's little sister

The Duffys:

  • Ian Duffy - Mayv's father
  • Katherine Duffy - Mayv's mother

The Silvas:

  • Jorge Silva - Lucy's father
  • Camilla Silva - Lucy's mother
  • Keith Silva - Lucy's older brother

The Greenes:

  • Travis Greene - Michelle's father
  • Theresa Birch - Michelle's stepmother
  • Andy Greene - Michelle's little brother

The teachers:

  • Mr. Dwight Cahill - Core D teacher
  • Mrs. Jackie Hudson - Core D teacher
  • Mrs. Dawson - Core D teacher
  • Mr. Roger Walker - Core D teacher
  • Mrs. Glenn - Spanish teacher
  • Ms. Burbank - Core B teacher
  • Mr. Foster - school principal
  • Nurse Hatcher - school nurse
  • Mrs. Hannah Cooley - guidance counselor
  • Mrs. Kennedy - gym teacher/basketball coach
  • Miss Otley - Mr. Cahill's student teacher
  • Cory Willis - Mrs. Hudson's student teacher

The students:

  • McGee Franklin
  • Sabine Meyer
  • Keisha Williams
  • Whitney Cope
  • Mike Hart
  • Julie Gibson
  • Evan
  • Shawn
  • Courtney
  • Derek

Other people:

  • Amy - Andy's babysitter
  • Mac Tounkara - The town police chief

The Prayer

When Lucy was giving anti-drug speeches to her school, following the fatal accident that her brother Keith caused, Mayv's father gave her a copy of a short prayer that helped her calm her nerves. It is from a key part of this prayer that the books in the Firmness of Rock series get their titles. The relevant part of the prayer is available.

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